Service & Repair

The Frigid Rentals service department repairs all types of trucking / transportation equipment.

Support Your Transportation
Along the Way

Whether dealing with preventative, emergency or scheduled maintenance, Frigid Rentals is the ideal one-stop shop for fleet support.

At Frigid Rentals, formerly known as TIF Group Inc., the customer is king. Whether dealing with accident damage, product malfunctions, wear and tear or whatever needs to be replaced, fixed or tailored to; our qualified service department remains dedicated to performing the required service in a cost-efficient and timely-manner, minimizing customers downtime.

Frigid Rentals will service and repair all brands of trucks, trailers, bodies, tailgates, liftgates, refrigeration and heating systems. We also offer the only mobile 24-hour 365 day service in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Frigid Rentals partners with service shops throughout Canada to ensure that you get the best service to keep your fleet running.

Our specialized and dedicated mobile technicians are at your call every minute of the day to service all of our customers’ problems, whether it’s during the day, at night, in the summer or winter. Our mobile team is there to help.


Reefer/Heater Truck/Trailer Repairs Service Technician:

Daytime: $147.00/hour

Emergency Hours: $171.00/hour

Body Service Technician:

Daytime: $127.00/hour

Emergency Hours: $147.00/hour

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